Grain: a rich source of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, oils, and protein. The staple diet in developing nations in the form of  rice, wheat, millet, or maize. Which is why the cheaper E10 biofuel comes at a high cost: driving up the price of grain, and killing more famished people unable to afford the higher prices.

Links and commentary to free online videos with plenty to chew on.

Conversations with Marina Abramović, grandmother of Performance Art: Conversation #1 with PBS news anchor Jeffrey Brown
Conversation #2 with Harvard University professor Sanford Kwinter

Stephen Fry on the Catholic Church from the BBC Intelligence Squared Debate Series: Stephen Fry speech at IQ2 debate – Part 1/2  and  Stephen Fry speech at IQ2 debate – Part 2/2 

Musings of  Laurie Anderson, electronic music pioneer:
[ If a Sperm Where the Size of a Whale: ]Mach 20
[On the culture of oversimplification:] Let X=X
From Da Vinci’s Ethics and Wisdom series:] Great Thinkers: Laurie Anderson


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