Whistle Blowers and Willful Blindness

“May you live in interesting times”, says the Chinese curse. In interesting times, whistle blowers pay with their lives while the willfully blind multiply. Totalitarianism, plutocracy and even the ancient Chinese Legalism experience rampant comebacks, sometimes under obscure new names such as inverted totalitarianismwhile pluralism and idealism become tell-tale signs of moral weakness or dissent. Assange, Manning, Snowden – martyrs or traitors, heroic or evil? Putin – neo-autocrat or return to Virtue crusader?

Future generations will  have a clearer picture than ours of the moral value of their actions in our times. For now, here is a spellbinding tale fit for these interesting times we are living in:

P.S. – Segment on “whistle blowers” starts at 08:43.


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