Summer 2013 has been one of the hottest on record in many parts of the world. In Sweden, June temperatures reached record highs, leading over-heated tram conductors in Stockholm to an unusual but logical decision: to wear skirts. The policy of the company running the trains forbade men from wearing shorts to work, trousers were too hot, there was no policy on skirts for males, so there you go. Later in June, the policy changed to allow shorts, and a company spokesperson told a Swedish daily that the company expected the male staff to gradually move from skirts to wearing shorts that she believed to be “more comfortable and practical”.

On this note, I came to think upon a hot topic du jour, to ok or not burqas in offices, schools and public places (Western places, that is.) Logically, it could make a lot of sense for not only women, but for men to be encouraged to wear the garb on th e same principles that apply to women: modesty and decorum. Here goes an illustration of my case:





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