Les Restes, vulgo “leftovers”

A miscellany of snacks-for-thought that I never got to turn into blog posts at the busy festive end of 2012:


Mankind’s Daddy 3000 Years from Now

Someone out there today will be the common ancestor of all mankind 3000 years from now; and a single immigrant breeding once into a population stands an 80% chance of becoming a common ancestor of that native  population.  Check the short why here, and the full explanation here.



Brand Ambassadorship Overload

The Ralph Lauren Polo branding intelligentsia reminds me of a toddler with a temper tantrum: pushing it as far as it can. How giant can we get the logo on the garments  till people will stop wearing our stuff? Judging by where I live – Moneytown, Middle of Germany – the sky is the limit. Affluent ‘hood housewives here don’t seem to ever get enough of dressing themselves like old leather suitcases covered with exotic travel labels.




Everyone Must Eat Cake!

And now for a Fatty Tale of Democratic Cake: instead of being beheaded, Marie Antoinette becomes the Evita Peron of post Revolution France. Initially, she charms the peasantry by offering cheap cake to all – cake no longer a privilege of the wealthy few, but an affordable right of the masses. As her power rises in the shadow of her feeble son, the official ruler, Let Them Eat Cake is subtly but solidly repositioned as Make Them Eat Cake.  Once a critical mass of cake devotees is in place, a law is issued to enforce the rule, a Body Police is formed to catch healthy eaters a.k.a. slim peasants. Marie Antoinette can now rest assured, for a while: she, and those in her circle, will now have the exclusivity of “slim as beautiful”. Everyone else must eat cake.