Who’s Got a Filofax Full of Men?

Admittedly, two days post US election, I am a little late on the “binders full of women” slip off Mitt Romney’s tongue that reportedly alienated US women voters, spawned its own Facebook group, and ensured a veritable torrent of viral meme joy [my favorites: Psy Gangnam’s energy, Bill Clinton’s priorities, the candidates’ digital divideAll the Mitt’s Wives, Binders by Qualification Criteria,  Dorothy in Oz, and the 007 mission.]

But I couldn’t help share the fun with all as late as I on the less subtle – and all the more powerful for that –  ironies of the US election.

And wonder: in a televised debate between Heidi Klum, German-born supermodel turned business mogul and mother of four, and Angela Merkel, German-born physics chemist turned Chancellor of Germany and stepmother of two, which would be most likely to tell a German TV audience I’ve Got a Filofax Full of Men? Which would have needed some serious sleuthing to find qualified men to work for them?


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