Who’s Got a Filofax Full of Men?

Admittedly, two days post US election, I am a little late on the “binders full of women” slip off Mitt Romney’s tongue that reportedly alienated US women voters, spawned its own Facebook group, and ensured a veritable torrent of viral meme joy [my favorites: Psy Gangnam’s energy, Bill Clinton’s priorities, the candidates’ digital divideAll the Mitt’s Wives, Binders by Qualification Criteria,  Dorothy in Oz, and the 007 mission.]

But I couldn’t help share the fun with all as late as I on the less subtle – and all the more powerful for that –  ironies of the US election.

And wonder: in a televised debate between Heidi Klum, German-born supermodel turned business mogul and mother of four, and Angela Merkel, German-born physics chemist turned Chancellor of Germany and stepmother of two, which would be most likely to tell a German TV audience I’ve Got a Filofax Full of Men? Which would have needed some serious sleuthing to find qualified men to work for them?


Green Blood and a Slumdog beat Elections and the Superstorm

[From this morning’s top 10 most read BBC News on my iPad, sometime between 08:45-09:45 a.m. CET, including their upward or downward mobility on that list while I typed this post:]

1. Patient Bleeds Dark Green Blood [-]4
2. Obama set to resume campaigning [-]3
3. What the real Slumdog Millionaire did next [+]2
4. Hedgehog trapped in crisp packet [-]6
5. Have India´s poor become human  guinea pigs? [–]8

6. Pre-historic town found in Europe [–]9
7. 10 US Election Oddities explained [/]7
8. Greek officials “lied” about list [++]5
9. Shooting at US Halloween Party [++]1 ***
10. China fund buys stake in Heathrow [/]10

[…while the Editorial choices remained, in order of scroll down appearance in the News homepage:]
– US Campaign restarts after Sandy
– Nigerian Army accused of abuses
– Shooting at US Halloween Party [marked NEW]
– Greek Bank list Editor on trial
– Russia Blacklist law takes effect
– China fund buys stake in Heathrow

Note that the Editor can rub Nigeria in front of your eyes, but nobody gives a flying hoot about it , unlike the Halloween shooting event, which shot from 9th to 1st Most Read. A taste for Halloween blood, or that sad schadenfreude syndrome making blood bath news more edible than life saving blood transfusion news? (As mentioned in another post: we the Human species are not here for the long haul, and we can’t help it…)

*** There is too much tragic madness in the world for me to offer a direct link to more detail on this news. If you really must know, go to the BBC News site and look it up.