Musical Musings of Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson is a boundless force of creative culture. Musician, composer, singer, performer, digital pioneer and music instrument inventor, she entered my consciousness in the early 1990s just before the Web became a mass reality, with her wildly surreal Puppet Motel CD-ROM, which the National Public Radio considered  “should do for CD-ROMS what the Beatles Sergeant Pepper did for rock ‘n roll”. Besides her own projects, the once-upon-a-time MFA Sculpture graduate and long time companion of Lou Reed – the two married in their 60s in 2008 – worked together with many notable artists and counter culture figures like William S. Burroughs, Brian Eno, and Timothy Leary.

[If a Sperm Where the Size of a Whale:Mach 20
[On the culture of oversimplification:Let X=X
[From Da Vinci’s Ethics and Wisdom series:Great Thinkers: Laurie Anderson


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